This is the terms of service page of the Titangigs in which we describe the workflow of our platform. So, when the user registers in the site he or she can be the buyer or the seller.


when the user becomes the seller in titangigs he or she can sell their services to the buyer, and earn the listed price. The 12% of their earning will deducted by the administrator as commission. This will happen whenever the selling is done by seller.


The user who does not sell the service but visit titangigs to buy the service,he or she can purchase any service available in the website. They make the payment through PayPal or stripe(card payment) and buyer won’t charged extra for buying the service.


When the user(seller) made bucks and want to withdraw the amount he earned he sends the withdrawal request to the admin from revenue page and sent the details of their bank account or paypal email address. Then admin will send the payment to the seller’s account.